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Website Design Packages

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Standard Package


Avail the Standard Web Design Package and get a stunning website for your business from our pre-designed themes.

          Standard Package is for freelancers, starting business, and even small striving enterprise who plan to level up their business. A good decent website will sure increase your integrity as a business entity. You will also gain more customer inquiries because of the network that online world brings.

         Whether you are involved in online marketing, property broker, computer store owner, or any service provider who want to transition from being localized to national, SEO Web Ph is here to help you in your journey.

           Choose from any of the pre-designed template below.

Premium Plus Package


Avail the Premium Plus Design Package and get a tailor-fitted website suited for your business brand.

          Our Premium Plus Package is suited for large enterprise and branded business who wants to make their online website be highly engaging and interactive. It can be an online store, a designer clothing brand, a big hospital, and etc. For example we can integrate a check out feature for the for the product you are selling and automate the transaction. 

         We work closely with our client and is completely transparent with the project. To make them sure that our service is for long-term partnership. Our mission is to make you grow and achieve your dreams.

Google SEO Package

Choose from these rates ands reach more customers online.

SEO Plus Package


Avail the SEO Plus Package and get organic traffics online. We will rank your site in Google in less than two months.

          We are now living in the digital age and the one who controls the data controls the market. 97% of Internet users look up the product they want to purchase on Google. And the one with a better marketing strategy online get the huge chunk of those customer in need. It is  already a necessity for a business to have a digital platform in order to survive and SEO Web Ph is here to help you. 

         One trick to make your website be visible online is to be relevant to many people. To be relevant to users you should be offering help. One best approach is to provide solutions to customer’s problem. Luckily you have the SEO Web Ph Team at your back.