Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most powerful tool we need to perfect in order to dominate the market, especially on B2B business model.

        Today, Google is the biggest Search Engine market in the world with 92% shares in web searches. It holds a staggering amount of 3.5 billion searches per day. That is the reason why it is only practical to learn the mechanics of Google and how we can use it in our advantage. Google was developed in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were finishing their Ph.D. in Stanford University in California.

        The key point why Google has earned its integrity and praise in the industry is because of its distinct priority rank system called “PageRank“. Before Google, may search engine company ranks websites based on the number of occurrence of the word being search. The PageRank algorithm instead analyzes human-generated links assuming that web pages linked from many important pages are also important. In addition to PageRank, Google, over the years, has added many other secret criteria for determining the ranking of resulting pages. This is reported to comprise over 250 different indicators, the specifics of which are kept secret to avoid difficulties created by scammers and help Google maintain an edge over its competitors globally.

      Luckily, today, we have a vast knowledge of how Google works and we have learned how to take advantage of that.

Characteristics of an SEO Friendly Website

We have hack how Google crawls into each website and found out how Google ranks them in level of relevance to the user. Here we listed down some of the most notable characteristic of a website that has is Google-friendly.


It has words or phrase relevant to the search.

     Google will show the user the pages that are relevant to his search. It is only a must to input the words in your pages the key phrases that you want your website to be known for.

     If your website is about bicycle, of course one of the main word that must be present in your pages is ‘bicycle’ or ‘bikes’. You can repeat your key phrase around your website but do not overdo it. Because it will affect the customer experience.

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It has number of interlinking pages – in and out.

     Google Search works in the system called PageRank. What it does is that it determines how many links does a page in your website contains contrary to the common search engines before which ranks the relevance of the page based on the number of repeating word that the user is searching.

     In order to rank good in Google Search you must link your pages to the other websites or have other websites link theirs to yours.


It contains images relevant to the keyphrase.

     Text is not adequate enough to rank in Google Search, competition has made it difficult to rely on these alone. Your pages should be supported with images that is relevant to your key phrase. It is also good for customer experience, because online user doesn’t want to to be bombarded with highly rich text pages with no room for images. They might feel exhausted visiting your website.

     Think your website as reporting to an audience, most of the time they want the summary presented in images.

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Simple themes but catchy.

    This has something to do with customer experience. Google records the time the reader spent in your website and it affects your rank. If the audience got overwhelmed with the complexity of your themes he will only spend a minimal time in your website. It also happens when your pages are too simple that it looks like you didn’t bother creating it.

     You can keep your audience’s attention by playing with the colors of your page but do not use intense color such as bright red, unless necessary.

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It has a lot of content.

     Google has bias on websites that has a lot of content. It shows that the page has many things to say about the topic. Because more often, when you are researching about a certain subject, you too wants to visit a page that is rich in relevant knowledge.

     But don’t try to lengthen your sentences, because Google can detect that. Google can give you low rank grade because he will label you as hard to read. Also don’t circumvent your topic by talking the same idea over and over again.

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It helpful.

     Why do people search things online? It is because they have problem that needs to address. If you have a sore throat, you will search ‘remedies on sore throat’. If your website is about solving this problem, Google will rank you first. But if your website is about selling medicine to solve sore throat, Google doesn’t like that.

     One key tip to rank your website is to approach it by giving solutions or helping other people in need.

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Organic Traffic Vs Ads-Driven Traffic

          The main goal of optimizing your website’s SEO friendliness is to gain more traffic. The greater the volume of your web traffic the better and healthier your website is. It means you got a good number of audience. Gaining online share can be achieved by two things, one is when a reader casually entering your website because he thinks it has the information he needed also known as organic traffic and the other one is by paying Google to make your website appear on top page.

          As much as possible we want our websites to appear on the first page of Google without paying an advertisement but sometimes when the industry is too competitive, it cannot be avoided. For example, when you try to search ‘steel plate supplier Philippines’ you will notice that the number of ads is almost the same with the number of search results that appeared organically. Even when you turn into Page 2 of Google, you can still see the paid advertisement of the suppliers. It is because the industry or the companies are competitive. They are willing to pay a decent amount of money just to appear on Search Results.

Organic traffic is fewer than Ads Driven traffic but the customer is more likely to buy.

         There are lot of canvassers online doing their research in the current market price of materials. Your site ads since it is heavily exposed to surfers, will attract these canvassers that will increase your list of inquiries. On the other hand a sure buyer searching for a product has a tendency of negative bias against website ads. Thinking subconsciously that these sites are not relevant tot his searches but only appeared because it has paid Google.

Putting an ads on Google result is a bidding.

         It means that those companies who paid more will appear on the top of the Google Search. When you are managing your google ads, there will be option on how you want to spend your credit and how much you can spend on each visit. Google then will rank your bid against other companies and will decide which one to appear first.

         With this, Ads traffic is still a gamble and not a sure fire to attract lots of cutomers.

How to Run a Google Ads

Below are the step-by-step process on how to create a google ads campaign.


Create an account in Google Ads

     If you already have a Google account, it will be easier to set up a Google Ads account. You can register at

     You will need to categorize your business and ad groups to help Google know to whom it will show your ads. You will also need to declare your payment details via credit or debit card.

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After you create your account, you can now set up a campaign ads by first setting your budget.

     Google wants to know your daily budget and bids. Your budget is the amount of money you are willing to spend on your ads each day, while your bid is the amount of money you are willing to pay for each keyphrase.

     You can adjust these anytime you want depending on your strategy.

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Pick your keyphrase that you want your ads to be associated with.

     Google Ads has free tool called Keyword Planner to help you decide on which words to choose. It also has suggestions on the amount of money you will need to bid in order to appear on that key phrases when searched by the users.

     You might want to choose only the relevant words that is associated with your products to minimize the cost of false leads.

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Set your keywords match type

     Google has the ability to refine your chosen key words. Your ads will only appear in a way you want them to be searched that matches your phrase orientation.

     First modification is the “broad match” setting. It shows your ad for searches that contain your keywords in any order, and for related terms. This option shows your ad in the broadest variety of searches, and is the default setting for all campaigns.

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     The next one is “Broad Match Modifier”. This setting allows you to specify that certain words in your broad-match keyword must show up in a user’s search to trigger your ad. So, if your keyword is “high fiber wool yarn” and you wanted to make sure “wool” and “yarn” were always present in a search, you could ensure that by adding a plus sign (+) before those words. So, your broad match modifier keyword would be: high fiber +wool +yarn.

     The next is the “Phrase Match”. This option shows your ad for searches that contain your exact keyword, or for searches that contain your exact keyword plus words before or after it. (I.e. if your keyword is “wool yarn” you might also show up for “fine wool yarn” or “wool yarn for sale near me.”) To choose this option, you should add quotation marks around any keywords, i.e. “wool yarn”.

     Google Ads also has option for Exact and Negative Match.


Link your Landing Page with the Ads and decide where platform to appear.

     Your landing page is where Google will transfer your customer the user upon clicking your ads. 

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Write your ads.

     The best way to write an advertisement is to offer a solution or to supply a demand. In the first place the reason they are searching online is because they have a problem or needs.

     Be particular and clear with what you are offering or supplying to avoid false leads that will cost you whenever they click your ads.

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Monitor your traffic through Google Analytics

     Connecting your ads to you Google Analytics Account will give you insight of what your customer are doing when visiting your site. With this you can plan a better strategy to attract more possible clients.

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